• Awarded as the Top 100 SME by Singapore Enterprise Association.

  • Won multiple world-recognised partnership programs which include Facebook Inc accredited advertising agency.

  • Our organisation is a Registered Management Consultancy by Enterprise Singapore. Aligned for government grants, including EDG projects.

  • Awarded TOP 30 SMEs under Singapore Prestige Class Award Category 2021/2022

  • Awarded TOP 30 SMEs under SME Excellence Award Category 2021/2022




We distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing result-driven social media marketing services that help with every stage of social media – attracting potential customers, engaging them, and converting them into website traffic, leads, and sales.

We build a strong online presence and generating sales and leads is important for your business and that is what we do & care every day. 


Our team provides clients with performance marketing and design expertise and data-backed results by compelling impactful ad creative that achieves your business objectives. 

Brand Audit


We help businesses to examine the market positioning against the competitors, and assessing the effectiveness of the overall business strategy.


Brand audit helps you to identify your target market, build customer loyalty and ultimately, increase the return on investment for your business.

Brand Portfolio


As a creative branding agency, we know that establishing a strong brand identity is paramount to a company’s success. Customers, users and employees, in equal measure, rally to the flag. Meaningful and symbolic – a defined and differentiated identity can be a prime mover. We connect with brands with head and heart and the most memorable brands usually combine a strong appeal to both.

Marketing Plans


Ads will only work if you have a great marketing plans mapped out.


A marketing strategy roadmap conveys your high-level marketing plan to key stakeholders across the company. It’s an umbrella roadmap for the individual plans for specific campaigns, events, and product launches. Rather than including the same level of detail as those more specific plans, they focus on the initiatives themselves.

Content Curation


With a full-fledged in-house team, SJ Digital Media Solutions ensures high standards of work through our stringent quality control and adherence to stipulated project timelines. 


We provide full suite services which include: Curation of Content, Video Production, Creation of Video Animations, Graphic Design & Illustrations, Creation of Websites and Landing Pages, Google & YouTube Advertising, as well as Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

Digital Ads


Digital advertising creates powerful opportunities to tell brand stories at scale and in context. By leveraging data on multiple channels, your marketing can actually interact across channels, leveraging data on one channel to inform another. 

Types of Ads available: Facebook, IG, Youtube, LinkedIn, Commerce Management, Retargeting Campaign, Video advertising and full-suite interactive ads.

Content Management


SJ Digital Media is a social-first marketing agency, and social content creation is in our DNA. 


From filming, editing, writing and asset creation to working in collaboration with influencer creators, we specialise in creating multi-channel native content that thrives on social and commands attention.

As the world of digital marketing is ever evolving, we are helping brands use their social as the major soundboard for their organisations.