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To help your company better capture target audiences and markets by differentiating your brand, and your products and services.








Our Projects

01. Brand Audit

Using the Brand Assessment Tool to evaluate your organization from a branding perspective. This is a beneficial tool to utilize when conducting an assessment audit.

The development will consist of the following components: 

  • Company profile, Executive Summary

  • The brand will undergo an independent evaluation on Best Practices, Level of Compliance, Scoring and Evaluation Remarks

  • The analysis will include:

  1.  Brand Diagnosis Aspect

  2.  Brand Communication Aspect

  3.  Brand Execution Aspect

The final document will be delivered in a form of diagnostic report.

02. Brand Identity & Portfolio

The Brand Identity & Portfolio seeks to ensure brand communication aligned across both internal and external stakeholders, consistently across platforms, as well as collaterals. 

The development will consist of the following components: 

  • Identifying current and new Brand Archetype in terms of Experiential, Functional, Relational or Symbolic 

  • Development of Brand Identity & Brand Story

  • Outlining of brand values to align across internal and external stakeholders

  • Development of official brand name & guidelines

  • Logo design, logo variants & presentation

  • Logo applications

  • Development of brand color palette & color definition 

  • Development of typefaces & fonts

  • Development brand voice & outlining of key message 

  • Development of brand visuals & information

03. Brand Strategy Development

The brand strategy roadmap sets to establish a long-range strategic goal plan to align across the organization. The blueprint will position the company to drive long term growth by identifying key strengths and unique proposition value to both new & existing customers, identifying opportunities, prioritizing initiatives, optimizing time and financial investments. The methodology includes elements of strategic thinking, including the vision, strategic program, focused opportunity, market impact and performance result.

04. Marketing Strategy Development

The Marketing Strategy Roadmap is a development of a strategic plan to optimise marketing resources and improve customer communications, conveying the high-level marketing plan across key stakeholders. The marketing roadmap aids to create a long-term view of the promotions of our products and services to reach the right customers, outlines individual plans for specific campaigns and marketing activities. Key components include: Business Positioning, External Analysis on customers & competitors, Internal Analysis on business value proposition, Selected Marketing Plans & Implementation Strategy.


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