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To spur the growth of your company through interventions in business strategies.

Our Projects

01. Operational Evaluation

To develop full report assessments of the business and align across the business owner, partners and stakeholders of the current business situation. Addressing the diagnostic of key gaps. 

The development will consist of the following components: 

  • Value Chain Analysis on Human resources, Technology Development, Procurement, Inbound Logistics, Operation, Outbound Logistics, Marketing & Sales, and Services.

  • A detailed report in Operational Performance Gaps

  • A detailed analysis of digital assessment: Business Website Traffic and Social Media Platforms performances and issues.

  • Assessment of customer experience — sales process, customer support, and customer service policies.

02. Business Innovation Model (BMI)

Business Model Innovation (BMI) serves as a powerful tool that drives breakout growth within an organization's core business. In this strategic development, we will be working on the 6 key business model elements through BMI:


1. Product or Service Offering

2. Target Segment

3. Revenue Model

4. Value Chain

5. Organization

6. Cost Model

Leveraging these elements in a coordinated manner, we arrive at 9 common BMI solutions to drive Core Growth, which can be categorized into 3 groupings


1. Redefine the Value Proposition 


2. Support the Value Proposition with a New Operating Model

3. Redesign the Model to Capture Margins

Leading organizations leverage BMI to move beyond product innovation and redefine the basis of competition.

03. Business Digitalization

Digital Transformation is being embraced by companies across most industries, as the role of technology shifts from being a business enabler to a business driver. This document details a full strategic  framework for crafting a Digital Transformation Strategy fitting for your organization--that encapsulates both Growth and Operational Improvement benefits, laying out key phases and functional layers. The framework will further outlines the  Digital Maturity--i.e. know where you stand and how to gradually improve/mature across the areas of Customer Experience, Operations, and Information/Technology.


These emerging technology trends allow us to leverage 8 levers to Digital Transformation.









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