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GHG Accounting Verification & Validation with Reference to ISO 14064-3 certified

SJ Digital Media Solutions is now certified in GHG Accounting Verification & Validation with Reference to ISO 14064-3. This prestigious certification enables us to verify and validate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions accurately, ensuring compliance with international standards.

This certification enhances the credibility of the brands we manage by demonstrating their commitment to transparent and accurate GHG reporting. It builds trust with stakeholders, including customers, investors, and regulators, showing that they are serious about sustainability. Furthermore, with this certification, we help our clients navigate and comply with complex environmental regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and enhancing their reputation.

As our clients expand internationally, compliance with ISO 14064-3 ensures they meet the stringent environmental standards required in different countries, facilitating smoother market entry and operations. By validating GHG emissions, we help our clients identify and mitigate environmental risks associated with their operations, leading to more sustainable and resilient business practices.

We are dedicated to driving positive environmental impact and providing strategic support to the brands we manage, both locally and globally.

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