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SJ’s 1st ever – Regional Summit

Updated: May 21

SJ Digital Media Solutions has hosted our 1st ever regional summit, bringing together key leaders from our regional counterparts. Thank you everyone for making this possible from round the world.

This 4.5-day intensive training program, followed by an exciting off-site day at Universal Studios Singapore, aimed to enhance skills, foster communication, and build stronger relationships among our teams.

During the summit, our leaders engaged in various learning sessions, training programs, and collaborative activities designed to empower them to return to their regions and guide their teams more effectively. The off-site day provided a unique opportunity for team bonding, reinforcing the communication and understanding developed throughout the summit.

This event was a testament to our commitment to continuous learning and development, ensuring that our teams are equipped to deliver the highest standards of service and innovation. We are proud of the knowledge gained, the bonds formed, and the strengthened connections that will drive our future success.

SJ Digital Media - Regional Training Summit Itinerary (1)
Download PDF • 4.63MB

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