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SJ Digital Media Solutions' Global Impact

Updated: Jul 4

As of 2024, SJ Digital Media Solutions has successfully led more than 50 businesses to expand into various countries across Southeast Asia and beyond. Our expertise in overseas business matching has enabled us to help clients secure quality leads and forge valuable partnerships with distributors, resellers, franchisees, investors, and more.

Featuring: Our Overseas Business Matching in Vietnam and Cambodia

Our holistic coverage in Southeast Asia ensures comprehensive support for businesses seeking to enter new markets. In 2023, we proudly facilitated Legacy Seafood's expansion into Taiwan and Indonesia, with this achievement announced by Trade and Commerce Minister Low Yen Ling at the September 2023 SME Conference.

Additionally, we successfully matched By Philocali, a Singaporean beauty brand, with the Australian market. Our extensive portfolio also includes successful business matches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and the UAE.

Over the years, we have consistently helped our clients achieve remarkable growth, resulting in significant revenue increases both in Singapore and internationally. Our commitment to excellence and strategic expansion continues to drive success for our clients, solidifying SJ Digital Media Solutions as a leader in global business development.

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